Glutes, Core & Arms

These days everyone wants a nice RUMP! Regardless of the reason, aesthetics aside, a strong posterior chain is essential. The glutes are the biggest muscle group in the body & play a huge role in how the body functions as a whole. So, if the glutes are strong & functioning well, the rest of your body will follow. In order to truly see changes in your body, specifically the glutes, it takes tons of hard work, time & consistency. It is possible if you do it right & stick to the process.

What to expect with this program: 

>Heavy focus on glute activation

>Isolation exercises (Glutes, Arms & Core)

>Horizontal & lateral movement patterns

>Shoulder injury prevention & strengthening exercises 

>Core stabilizing & strengthening exercises

  • Offered Monday 6:00am & 5:30pm, Wednesday 6:00am & 5:30pm, Thursday 5:30pm & Friday 6:00am
  • Small Group Personalized Training
  • $180/month Auto Renew (Includes unlimited Functional Fitness Sessions & 24/7 Open Gym Access)